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postheadericon The Aromatic and Seasoning Romero

medicinal plantsAmong the plants listed as condiementarias is aromatic and rosemary. It is a very popular plant, indigenous to the Mediterranean and as a result, their presence in Mediterranean climate gardens is rare.
The aromatic and seasoning Romero
It belongs to the Labiatae family and its scientific name is Rosmarinus officinalis. As a medicinal plant among its many uses include the pharmaceutical industry, as a condiment and in some homeopathic applications.

As aromatic and seasoning plants, using both its leaves and essential oils obtained from it, Oleum Rosmarini or rosemary oil. This rosemary essential oil contains a substance very similar to camphor, acting as invigorating the circulatory system and balancing the nervous.

Therefore, the rosemary is effective in anemic chronic and especially for hypotension.

As a description of plant, rosemary is a shrub with many branches and evergreens. Under favorable conditions, can easily reach up to 2 meters high, although not usually exceed garden metro.

The stem is woody rosemary with characteristic detachment of its bark as it ages. Its leaves are very aromatic, dark silver on the back and on the underside. Its flowers of no more than 1.5 cm can be of two colors, pale blue or white. Its flowering is over the spring, between March and May and is issued on the joints of the leaves with the stem.

It is very common to see many bees hovering over them in the garden and as a result is obtained industrially known and appreciated, “rosemary honey.”