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postheadericon Flower Scented Freesias

FlowersFreesias are one of the first flowers of spring. Bulbous plants are native to southern Africa.

They are possessed of a delicate and intense, which endures even when cut. Another feature that benefits us is that it can grow as easily on the ground and in pots.

Corms, which are the name of the freesia bulbs must be planted in a place where a lot of sun exposure received. If you chose to plant them in pots, when the plant begins to flower it should be moved to a partially shaded place.

What if we take care of the point temperatures? These plants can be planted in April or May, if in a place outside but protected from frost. Otherwise you should do so in late winter.

Planting corms is buried at a depth that is twice his height and should be covered with a layer of soil 2 to 3 cm.

If you want a plant next to the other, should be aware that their separation to be about 7 cm. so the roots can spread and well and get new bulbs.

The soil or the pot should have good soil drainage and well paid, since they require much organic matter.

Irrigation of the freesia is moderate. In a time of budding and flowering every 2 or 3 days, then more space and if the foliage is dry, ideally stop.

postheadericon How to Start a Flower Garden

GARDEN TIPS AND INFOFlowers fill the garden should be fun, so start slowly, you will not be overwhelmed with the progress of the season.

Start by choosing a place that has good drainage and receive direct sun for at least five hours a day.

If you’ve tried your soil may fertilize based on their results

Most flower gardens combine annual and perennial flowers.

If you plan to grow perennials, check with your local cooperative extension service, or a respected garden center to learn as much of your USDA hardiness zone and are more reliable perennial in your area.

Friends and neighbors who for years have flower gardens are another good source of local information.

And do not forget the websites of the nearby schools and extension services.

Unless you want a “garden court” specifically designed to provide cut flowers, avoid the lines or straight lines associated with orchards. You will probably need to rely more heavily on the early annuals until the perennials mature.

To reduce maintenance summer mulch to help soil retain moisture and reduce weeds. Water regularly, preferably at the base of your plants instead of on top.

postheadericon Ajacis

FLOWERSIt is an erect plant as it can get to a meter tall, herbaceous, has some lint, leaves are divided.

The flowers have bilateral symmetry (zygomorpha) appear from spring well into summer, appearing in inflorescences, can be white, pink or blue, have 5 sepals. The flowers have a spur large, clearly visible.

The insects that pollinate it must have a “language” too long to get to the bottom of the flower after flowering, produces capsules containing black seeds.