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Tree in GardenThe plane tree is a tree belonging to the family of Platan√°ceas, Platanus genus, species X acerifolia.
Its main features are:
Height: 25 to 30 meters.
Diameter: 10 to 20 meters.
Growth: Fast.
Soil preferably deeper.
Temperature: cold tolerant.
Transplantation: very good tolerance.
Use: Ornamental.
Source: American boreal, Asia and Europe.

The Plantanus X acerifolia is a hybrid resulting from crossing between Platanus occidentalis Platanus orientalis and.
a tree crown globose, medium to large and outdated. Distinguished by its winter silhouette and peeling bark that goes on plates every two years, giving it a speckled appearance.

The leaves are large, irregularly toothed, light green, take in the fall a brownish color, it features makes it even more attractive.

The flowers are small and fleshy fruits are round and appear suspended for the long stem. Pollen from flowers and fruit fluff can cause allergies. Dene avoids planting in gardens of houses inhabited by people who suffer from allergic problems.

The banana is hardy, very tolerant of various soil and climatic conditions as well as pollution, so often used in the leafy streets.

Although it supports pruning, they should be done judiciously so as not to distort the glass.