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Gardens PicturesIf you have children, especially young children and has a patio with interesting proportions, can provide a good safe play area, within your own home and under your supervision. The advice in this case comes from the side to create a design that takes maximum safety and of course a nice aesthetic.

Laseguridades what I want to address in this post, and so I thought a brief summary of details to look and consider.

Start by plants; make an objective look around you: the playground may not have (they are beautiful) plants that are toxic, irritating to the skin, or spiny.

Remember that in summer, this space will also be used at night, so think safe lighting is another challenge. Suggest elevated lights (outside the area of movement and reach of children) and possibly equipped with automatic sensors switch.

The Roads and pavements insurance is a very important aspect not always remember … until an accident happens. Avoid slippery floors in that fulfill this feature, verify that a rainy day do not turn on such.

Finally, this area should be away from places where machinery guards, scissors, tools, fertilizers, chemicals and everything to have access to small and mean a danger or threat to them.