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postheadericon Restoration of Defective Trees After Pruning

Tree in GardenDefective trees after pruning Recovery
To retrieve the cup and the health of the tree have been removed much of the numerous branches, leaving only 2 to 4 secondary branches strong and focused for each master branch (to preserve the exterior by removing the need to not cross).

Teachers to keep the branches unless one has a weak insertion and therefore dangerous (hairpins in V instead of U) or drift too far from the center of gravity of the tree.

Finally, we can shorten the side branches to ensure that branch and thicken.

These cuts will always be just above a bud.

In spring, remove the twig that may leave cuts facilitating the sap is directed to selected branches.

We have begun the work of what will be a balanced and healthy tree in future years but we have to make small interventions to select branches, always giving clean cuts following the basic principles of pruning.